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Grassy knolls for all

I'm reminded by kalypso_v that this is the 45th anniversary of the first appearance of the Daleks.* At the same time, I must guiltily admit that I went through yesterday's 45th anniversary of the triple deaths of JFK, C. S. Lewis, and Aldous Huxley without sparing them so much as a thought.

Can this conjunction of circumstances really be a coincidence, though? If I were heading up an evil alien invasion, I might well choose to pick off a) the leader of the Free World; b) the creator of Brave New World, and c) the author of Out of the Silent Planet the day before making my appearance, just to be on the safe side. But then, I'm not from Skaro.

I'm not really a great one for conspiracy theories, either. When it comes to JFK's assassination I like the line of Frasier Crane in Cheers: I for one think the Beatles had nothing to do with it. As for my own alibi, the ten-month old steepholm was bum-shuffling on some lino in Hampshire at the time of the alleged incidents, and was unavailable for comment.

*ETA Before I'm leapt on! Not in fact the first Daleks but the first Dr Who. I read kalypso_v too hastily. Okay, that spoils my entire theory - but hey, I'm sticking to it!
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