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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Another month, another installation
This has been quite a year for public art installations in these parts, from Fujiko Nakaya's fog bridge in February, Luke Jerram's beached fleet in April and Richard Long's "Boyhood Line" in July.

Now we have Banksy's Dismaland opening just down the road in Weston-Super-Mare. Reports about Dismaland have been all over the news in the UK, but I show this for the benefit of my further afield flist:

Part of me feels like I've already been round it, but I still want to go. Anyone care to join me?

As endorsed by Julie Burchill? Oh puleeze. Like the riot village though.

I didn't know Julie Burchill had endorsed it, but I see no reason to let that put me off seeing for myself!

I get my news mainly from the radio, so I'm grateful for this illustration, which makes it sound much cleverer than I'd anticipated. If I lived a couple of hundred miles closer I would totally join you, but as it is, may I encourage you to go, take photos and report back?

You may! Next week's looking a bit chokka, but if I can slip away on Thursday I shall do so.

Wow! That's . . . really dismal!

Masochism and tea is a winning formula for the English seaside.

Jealous that you are within distance of it!

Seems so cool.

Apparently there were huge queues the first day, so I'm going to wait until things calm down a bit - probably until the schools go back. Then I'll sneak in...

I heard about it on the radio the other day here in Seattle (finally learned how to pronounce Weston-super-Mare). I seem to have read a lot of stories set in off-season or abandoned seaside resorts, so it all sounded rather familiar.

Some seaside resorts (Weston included) are the topographical equivalent of clowns: things that ought to be fun but aren't, and get creepier the more they try.