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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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'Twixt Bog and Sea
"Dovey Junction"

Few enough, the souls
Who've chosen to embark, here
At Dovey Junction.

Sun-green men striding
Generous through the long grass
Are small in number.

Those handsome, sinewed
Warriors, battle eager,
Will not board today.

Free of Elphin's net,
Taliesin broods inland,
Has bought no ticket.

And we, running late,
Can whistle for a refund
From Arriva Trains.

Not quite "Adlestrop", perhaps, but that's where I was this morning, on my way back to Bristol from a lightning visit to my brother and his partner in Borth, with extra cousins and dogs thrown in gratis. What a lovely break! The weather on Tuesday in particular was glorious for our walk along the coastal path from Borth (almost) to Aberystwyth. I took some very pretty pictures, which you can see over at Flickr. Here, for example, is the view from their back yard:


But in some ways this was my favourite, a short way down the beach:


Looks as if it was a nice day for that sort of thing!

It was!

"Cofiwch yr Alamo"? Pam? Rhyfedd iawn! / "Remember the Alamo"? Why? Very strange!

I'm just looking at the blue sky and thinking, when was that? But of course Tuesday was lovely. I spent it mowing the grass. :(

Il faut cultiver notre jardin.

Tutti rokker Rummaness? :op

Mae e'n cyferio at y gân hon a'r Americana eiconig cyfatebol - pam y mae ar wal ym Morth, does gen i dim syniad.

Having checked who was fighting whom at the Alamo and why, I think this quote from Wikipedia is the relevant one: "It champions the Texans' efforts against Mexico to establish an independent republic."

However, considering that Texas did not remain independent for all that long and is now part of the US, it seems like a very dodgy analogy for the Welsh campaign for independence.

(hums about cut tags)

Tuesday was brilliant, though I spent most of it strugging to write words. I did go for a very nice run, though. Pity it hasn't been near as nice since.

(hums about cut tags)

I can see that with large pictures or many pictures, but I'm surprised two littluns are enough to cause you trouble?

Well, it's the way LJ does the image holders (I think this probably depends on the journal style, so it works differenty for different people--this is the one irritating thing about mine). It'll just be a little picture, with a massive lot of space around to make sure there's room, or whatever. :p Oh well.

I can see that could be a bit irritating. Does it not display that way if it's under a cut?

Nope, then I click on the cut and everything shows in the nice old-style comment page layout. ;)

At least these are actual pictures. It does the same thing for tiny little graphics, like animated smilies and stuff. Nothing like stretching out the entire page for a smiley face. :p

How bizarre! Okay, I'll definitely bear that in mind for future posts.

That graffiti is wonderful.

Good, isn't it?

Free of Elphin's net,
Taliesin broods inland,
Has bought no ticket.

I like that.

That looks like a wonderful day.

Thank you, and yes it was.

Oh, I like that :-)