steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

'Twixt Bog and Sea

"Dovey Junction"

Few enough, the souls
Who've chosen to embark, here
At Dovey Junction.

Sun-green men striding
Generous through the long grass
Are small in number.

Those handsome, sinewed
Warriors, battle eager,
Will not board today.

Free of Elphin's net,
Taliesin broods inland,
Has bought no ticket.

And we, running late,
Can whistle for a refund
From Arriva Trains.

Not quite "Adlestrop", perhaps, but that's where I was this morning, on my way back to Bristol from a lightning visit to my brother and his partner in Borth, with extra cousins and dogs thrown in gratis. What a lovely break! The weather on Tuesday in particular was glorious for our walk along the coastal path from Borth (almost) to Aberystwyth. I took some very pretty pictures, which you can see over at Flickr. Here, for example, is the view from their back yard:


But in some ways this was my favourite, a short way down the beach:

Tags: my writing, real life
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