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Semiotic Overkill


This rather lovely old thatched cottage is about four minutes' walk from my mother's house. I used to pass it every day when walking to my primary school, though at that time it was (like most of Romsey) a lot shabbier than it is today. Someone's spent a lot of money here.

All the same, I do wish they hadn't put a sign outside declaring its name to be "Old Thatched Cottage" - with even (though you can't see it well in this picture) an etched drawing of the old thatched cottage itself under the words, in case you were in any doubt. I mean, it's a bit obvious, isn't it? They've even put the date it was built on the gateway, so that you can work out for yourself that, yes, it's old. And thatched. And a cottage.

At least there's not a sign reading "Polite Notice", though. That would tempt me to start heaving bricks.


Unrelatedly, here's something else I pass most days, this time in Bristol. I took this picture from the pavement of a busy road, looking into the allotments. I suppose this was once used by someone as a shed, though as you can see this part of the allotments is now seriously overgrown. But I wonder how many people passing it today realise its original purpose?
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