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Piecing together Kiniro Mosaic
In this entry a week or two back, which was mostly about something else entirely, I mentioned in passing that I’d run across Kiniro Mosaic, a charming slice-of-life anime about an English girl and her friends at high school in Japan. The first episode was largely set in England, and I commented: “They do seem to have done some pretty good research when it comes to the look of the Cotswolds, though: I felt I'd seen the town before, but I'm not quite familiar enough with the area to be sure.”

Well, thanks to some crowd-sourced research on Facebook (thanks adaese amongst others), I can confirm that the town near which Alice lives is in fact Cirencester – a place I’ve been to innumerable times, though not much recently – hence the tantalizing familiarity. I feel foolish for not recognizing it at once, but anyway, it was fun getting Google Streetview to line the shots up:
location shot

Two other location shots from the same montage are taken from the same town. The church is further back on the same street:
kiniro church

And this is apparently the entrance to nearby Home Park:
kiniro manor

Of course, now I want to pop over to Cirencester (it’s only 40 minutes in the car) and pose like Alice and Shino. If only I knew someone who’d be willing to be my accomplice in so silly a mission.

Wow, they did a lovely job.

Didn't they just? I assume they worked from photographs, but they've taken some licence too (in a good way). I was amused to see that there was still bunting up! Life in Cirencester is clearly one long celebration.

It's a lovely town.

It is. My ex- used to do (actually still does) yoga there every week, and I often used to go with them and hang out. My only bad memory of Cirencester is of my son falling off a slide in the park behind the church and breaking his arm. That was quite a doozy, though.

Now that's beautiful set design.


Lovely, isn't it?

If it's weren't so inconvenient, I would love to go pose with you for this; but it rather is.

Perhaps I'll have to explore the possibilities of double exposure...

Mmmm, Cirencester.

I love Cirencester.

Hear Alice expatiate on its beauty:


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