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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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"I Will Fight On"
One of my favourite Madoka Magica pieces is "Pergo Pugnare", which plays right at the end of the very last episode, as Homura prepares herself to take on the challenges of the new dispensation (that seems a sufficiently spoiler-free way of putting it). Yuki Kajiura's lush-stringed original can be heard here; but it always struck me as a piece that could be transcribed for piano quite successfully. However, unlike most such pieces associated with this anime, "Pergo Pugnare" appeared to have no piano version (or sheet music) available. This of course is where it pays to have a brother who's a composer. It took only minimal wheedling to get mine to transcribe it. Playing it was another matter for one of my relative rookiness, but I've managed to crank out a passable version for the benefit of the wider Madoka community. I'm sure someone more skilled will pick up the baton.

I tried playing this and the original simultaneously to see how I did in terms of timing, that being one of my impressive collection of Achilles heels. I begin by edging ahead, then the strings overhaul me in the middle, and finally we breast the tape together. Not good - but not too bad either.

Tangentially: I was listening to a programme about the Institute for Advance Studies in Princeton the other day, and it put me in mind of the year (1999) my brother was employed by them as their Composer in Residence. Isn't that just the coolest gig ever for a geek?

Not that he is a geek, in fact; but I'm happy to squee retrospectively on his behalf.

Oh, that's quite lovely.

What a cool gig!

Thank you. I almost strangled it, but I think it managed to escape my clutches.

You made a good shot at it for an amateur. That kind of string delicacy is hard to reproduce on the piano, and even many professionals couldn't do it. I think it would come off best from someone like George Winston or Bill Quist.

May I query whether the transcription is really a full description of what is going on with the solo violin line in bar 26?

I'm not sure I even qualify as an amateur, yet - but I'm improving slowly. I wish I could answer your question about bar 26. I think he may have simplified things a bit in terms of the background harmonies, but I can't immediately see anything off about the solo violin. Reading music isn't my forte, though: once I've got the score in my head I tend to discard it.

as Homura prepares herself to take on the challenges of the new dispensation (that seems a sufficiently spoiler-free way of putting it)


That part where the key changes gives me chills.

Yes, that's my favourite part too. (By brother called it "juicy", which seems a good choice of adjective.)

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