steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Cat and Doggerel

"Jessie Butler's Sunday Afternoon Service"

jessie on bed 1

Sleeping deep as a Kraken
When will you awaken?

In the long run we're roadkill
Crushed under Time's chariot wheel
So let's haste to Life's water dish
And drink long and full.

Why not get off the bed
And catch songbirds instead?

But Jessie I don't want to hurry you.

Whilst the cat is asleep
Forth my fears, mouselike, creep.

You lie on the bed
With a lump on your head
That may be a tumour
Or so the vet said -

But let's hope it's a cyst
For you'd be sorely missed.

Ah Jessie, why doesn't it worry you?
Tags: my writing, real life
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