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Having a Butcher's, Then and Thenner

I just had occasion to put this juxtaposition (long forgotten) on Facebook, but can't remember whether it ever appeared here. Anyway, we described it (but didn't show it) in Reading History in Children's Book. It features illustrations from the Ladybird books Shopping with Mother (1958) and Julius Caesar and Roman Britain (1959). Might they possibly be related?


(The article that prompted me to post this is here.)

While I have your attention, let me put you an unrelated question. The other day my mother noticed that I had taken to wearing my watch on my right wrist, and asked why. I explained that, being strongly left-handed, I was a little worried that my right arm didn't have enough to do. Hence, for example, my learning to eat with chop sticks right-handed as a kind of brain exercise. While my watch is very light, I reasoned that wearing it on my wrist all the time it would over the course of a day amount to a significant amount of physical work, equivalent to lifting a far heavier weight over a much shorter period, and that this might help appreciably redress the imbalance in strength between my right and left arms.

My mother was, shall we say, sceptical. But who was right?
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