steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Breaking Badly

How about this for a pitch?

Our story concerns a humble copyeditor, who is having trouble making enough money to pay his ever-increasing vet's bills. One day, he receives a phishing letter from an African prince, who requires his help in transferring 7 million USD out of the country. Although not taken in, our hero finds himself idly correcting the letter's spelling and grammar out of professional habit.

Then the revelation hits him. All over the world, fraudsters, phishers, bogus companies and fake websites are brought low by their inability to use standard English and their insensitivity to register. Everyone knows that poor English is the first thing to check for if ever one receives a suspicious-looking communication. Someone who could help fix that - for a fee, or a percentage - would stand to make a lot of money, fast. Rufus would never want for worming tablets again.

Before long, the copyeditor is at the centre of a vast criminal web, and making more money than he's ever seen before. He opens up Francophone and Chinese franchises in Marseilles and Shanghai. Soon, jealousies and rivalries begin to emerge...

But for that you must wait till Season 2.
Tags: language, maunderings
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