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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Shakespeare Trolls TripAdvisor
Shakespeare trolls Tripadvisor

Feel free to add your own...

Harfleur: nasty gap in the wall, but at least it's not blocked with yobbish Brit holidaymakers.

Elsinore Castle: seriously, guys, those battlements are dead spooky.

Navarre: not exactly welcoming to my hen party.

Navarre: not exactly welcoming to my hen party.

Yes, it's notorious for sex pests.

There's a nasty case of euphuism going on - enough to make any girl wary.

Cydnus: "That pretty dimpled boy I picked up--phwoar!--was the queen. Stole my sword, my MasterCard, my heart."

"She puts the oomph into Omphale."

Scotland-- Got lost on some blasted heath. The air was filthy.

Cannot recommend the Cauldron.

Be fair! It wasn't all foul. Not at one fell swoop anyway.

Verona: packed with 'gentlemen' (who are no gentlemen) and lovelorn teens..........

Ephesus- Sheesh! It was just a comedy of errors!