steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Wasabi Dreams

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I love watercress. It pleases me that I come from the land where that plant grows best of all, on the fast-flowing, chalk streams of the Test, the Itchen, the Meon and the Hampshire Avon - four crystal fingers reaching down into the Channel as if making a desperate grab for the Isle of Wight. In Romsey (where I am at the moment) the greengrocer sells cut watercress with its stems still immersed, like cut flowers: and truly it deserves this state.

It's sometimes occurred to me that, should I be made redundant, these would be excellent conditions in which to grow wasabi - and that it might be a more profitable crop. So, tonight (for you never know when redundancy is round the corner) I started looking into the feasibility of it. The bad news is that someone else has already had the idea of growing wasabi in the UK. The good news is that they're based nearby, in Dorchester, and that (as the copyright symbol at the bottom of their webpage admits) The Wasabi Company is actually an offshoot of The Watercress Company. So, I wasn't far off the mark in my instincts - not bad for an ignoramus. It gave me considerable pleasure to watch this Japanese news report about the enterprise, too.

And, obviously, if my redundancy pipe dream is already being lived by someone else, that means I can never be made redundant - right?
Tags: maunderings, nippon notes
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