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Game of Thrones or Sport of Kings?
I just asked this on FB, but would be interested in opinions here too.

I've never understood why Formula 1 is classed as a sport. Or, if it is, why chess is not so classified, given that both are sedentary activities characterized by periods of sustained concentration. Or, it's a question of quick reactions as well as concentration, why are marathon sessions of Street Fighter 2 played from the comfort of one's sofa not seen as a sporting activity?

Is there a real distinction between sports and games (albeit with the possibility of an intersection between the two sets), or is just a question of historical happenstance which activity acquires which label?

It doesn't directly address your concentration, but F1 also demands some measure of physical strength, stamina and dexterity, being two hours of concentrated driving at the most demanding level - very frequent cornering, overtaking &c

This is true. Of course, many things involve those qualities without being considered sports (e.g. being a professional dancer), but perhaps that's part of it. Sport may be a "fuzzy set."

Dancing on ice is considered a sport; dancing on wood is not. Very strange.

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As a spectator sport, F1 seems to consist of long periods of boredom punctuated with short periods of terror - a bit like being in the trenches was said to do. I do enjoy chess as a human drama, though, and wonder in fact whether you wouldn't enjoy this series, though since it's on radio you have to imagine the leg shake.


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