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Human kind cannot bear very much reality TV.

Being on my own last night, I decided to watch TV with my supper. It looked promising. BBC1 was showing a programme about Hardy, and when I joined it he had just moved to London to follow an architectural career. Cut to stock black-and-white footage of London, showing motorcars, men in boaters, women in Edwardian dress, and all the hustle and bustle you’d expect from the metropolis around 1910. Except, of course, that this was supposed to be 1862. Apparently Hardy found it quite disorientating, and moved back to Dorset as quickly as possible. I can see why.

A mite disgusted, I switched channels to Dragon’s Den, to find Deborah Meaden tearing into a couple of would-be ice-cream moguls for using too much plastic in their packaging. I was pleased to see the matter of the environment being raised, until the next contestants laboured up the wheelchair-inaccessible steps to the Den. This was a couple who had a business selling boxes made from recycled materials. Good idea? Apparently not. They were accused of wanting to go on a "crusade" rather than run a business. In the end, they did get their investment, but not from Meaden – and not before they’d agreed to sideline the ethical raison d’etre and major selling point of their business.
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