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Today's House of Commons Debate in summary
1. Everyone agreed that it would be impossible to defeat IS by attacking them in Iraq but leaving them alone in Syria.
2. There was a large majority in favour of attacking IS in Iraq and leaving them alone in Syria.

Did I miss anything?

*buries face in hands*

I think there was also an understanding that IS could not be defeated by air power alone.

And then a general agreement that we would only deploy air power.

That is very true. How could I have omitted that canny piece of statecraft?

I was amused by the story today that shockingly the IS fighters have stopped standing around in the middle of the desert wearing black robes and carrying 'please bomb me' signs, and have instead disappeared into towns and villages to avoid allied airstrikes.

Those cunning bastards.

Do the Marquess of Queensbury rules mean nothing to these people?

I'll wager the blighters refuse to don proper uniforms next.


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