steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Three floods

Last night I was phoned by my ex, in somewhat panic, asking me where the stopcock was in our old house, as there was a leaking pipe. My mind went blank, or rather filled with the locations of all the stopcocks in all the other houses I've ever lived in except that one. I eventually managed a suggestion, but never got to find out if it was right, as ex was called away to deal with some new emergency.

This morning I was lying in bed reading The House of Many Ways, and had just reached the scene where a pipe bursts, flooding the house, when I heard a tattoo of heavy drips coming from my own bathroom. Water was (and is) coming steadily through the extractor fan in the ceiling. It's odd, because although it's raining at the moment it's rained far more heavily in recent days, with no effect at all.

There's no moral to this story - but it did seem a rather Diana Wynne Jones-ish thing to happen...
Tags: real life
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