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Too Late to be a Proper D-Day Post

Something else I discovered rummaging through my mother's drawers [pulls Frankie Howerd face] the other night was this:


It's a message of thanks from the queen to Mrs Bowman (my grandmother), in appreciation of her taking in evacuees during the Second World War. There must have been millions of these things printed, and I'm sure many families carefully preserved them, but I'd never seen or heard of them before - so this is for interest.

What I'd actually been looking for, for the benefit of Captain Lewis's great-granddaughter, were the pictures of my grandfather at his first wedding, some time in the 1910s, which is as near as I can get to his 1908 self. I failed to find them, which is a bit of a mystery, but I did come across these WWII pics, one in full-on Captain mode, and one in shirt-sleeves, taken in Caen a few days after D-Day. I find the contrast between them quite telling.

Percy Bowman on board the Aristocrat

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