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St Matthias

Today I finished clearing out my office, where I've been accumulating bits of paper for the last 24 years or so. It's all part of the closing down of the St Matthias site, prior to our move to Frenchay - which in my case happens a week from now. It was, as anticipated, a somewhat sobering experience, and also quite a physically exhausting one. If I weren't already given to morbid reflections on the vanity of human endeavour, trashing all those memos and forgotten essays and grand schemes might have sparked some thoughts on that theme, but as it was it all seemed perfectly normal, with even a slight bias towards catharsis.

St Matthias Leaving Party

I have made some mention of foxes in recent days. The St Matthias site is four miles from my house, and lies in the opposite direction from Clifton. Nevertheless, let it be recorded that, as I was leaving the grounds, perhaps for the last time, a fox (the fox?) ran lazily across my path, ten yards ahead of me. If it wants something, I wish it would come straight out and say so.
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