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Hail, oh kitty

As we know, last week's elections divided the country sharply between Bristol (and more specifically my own ward of Bishopston), which very largely rejected UKIP, and The Rest of the Country, where UKIP won the ballot.

Of course the same could be said by almost any of the major cities, though only the myopic London media actually chose to put it in those terms, as has been widely and testily observed. The truer split appears to be between the cities and the rest - though even that's a very crude measure, as if genuinely rural areas, Essex commuter towns and smaller regional centres were all the same kind of place. When I look at the councils around my own home town, for example - Southampton, Eastleigh and Winchester, which between them cover quite a social mix - I see a UKIP-free zone. Shall we generalize about south-west Hampshire and The Rest?

Meanwhile, the good news for users of Google Chrome is that you can now have your browser automatically replace pictures of Nigel Farage with restful pictures of kittens. This may be the most effective public health measure (especially in the field of hypertension) since the mosquito net.
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