steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Notes from a Cocoon

I guess I haven't been feeling very bloggy recently: the annual marking avalanche and various other calls on my time (too tedious to bore anyone with here) are mostly responsible, no doubt, but I feel a certain fallowness, too. That's all right: I like fallow. It's actually a very busy state (not to be confused with furlough), but invisibly so. The theatre is dark, and black-clad stage hands are busy rearranging the set, as noiselessly as they can. This excuse may not impress time-and-motion bods, but it's true.

So as not to abandon these pages, though, here is a picture (which was put on Yume's FB page just today) of me being very proud - in a messy-haired way - of my first plate of sushi.

sushi making april 2014

That was taken a month or so ago, and I've since made a few more forays into the wonderful world of raw fish, so far without mishap. Let's hope my luck holds out.
Tags: nippon notes, real life
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