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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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"Basingstoke it is." "Then make it so."
I never think of Basingstoke (or indeed anywhere north-east of Winchester) as "proper" Hampshire, but even I must feel sorry for the people of Basingstoke, who have been wiped from the map by a Google error, at least temporarily - as witnessed by this screenshot taken five minutes ago:

Whither Basingstoke?

What will Mad Margaret do now, poor thing?

I note that the Wiltshire village of Ramsbury is there, but Wokingham has also vanished. Scale is clearly beneath their notice.

It is a bit random. Wokingham will appear in you zoom in enough, however, whereas Basingstoke remains terra incognita...

Basingstoke? What is this Basingstoke of which you speak?

I'm sure I heard the name once, in a dream...

I spent six years working in Basingstoke but only went to the town centre twice. We were in Chineham.

Chineham exists, at least!

She'll rule a national school, naturally.

'The duties are dull, but I'm not complaining'.............

I'm sure Mr Gove would employ her!

And I thought Kenneth Baker was appalling to work for..........