steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

An Area the Size of Israel

Considering Wales is just 20 minutes away by car, it's hard to believe how seldom I go there. Not that the area immediately around the Severn Crossing toll booths is the part I'd most like to frequent, of course - and thanks to the country's magical embedment athwart the space-time continuum (which it passes off to sais visitors as terrible transport links), distances in Wales generally take far longer to traverse than they would in other parts of the UK - it really is bigger on the inside. Besides, halfway across the Severn Bridge my gaze is inevitably drawn to little Steep Holm, sitting in the mud of the Bristol Channel (or possibly in its choppy waves, depending on the state of the tide), and I wish I were there instead, sheltering in one of its concrete bunkers.

Anyway, I would like to explore Wales a bit more this year. In 2013 I finally got to the Gower peninsula - maybe this year I can make it as far as the Lleyn? And thanks to this comprehensive map, there's no chance of getting lost...


Have a good St David's day.
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