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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Japanese Diary 19: Ellipse Service
This one comes courtesy of my daughter, who told me to open Google Translate, select Japanese as the source language, enter the text
"..........................", and click on the Listen button.

I don't regret it, and nor will you.

Wow. Add a J-pop backbeat, and there's a hit!


LOL! Now I'm wondering how on earth someone discovered it would do that. :)

...I don't have a listen button?

When you put text into the box, you should see a speaker icon appear in the bottom right-hand corner. (Unless you're on a Mac, in which case who knows?)

Nope, nothing. But I will take all of your word for it that it's cool. :)

My Mac has a listen button so it's not that. The result was unexpected and funny but I don't think I get it!

I don't quite get it either. If you try other languages it doesn't seem to make any sound at all. Why is that it does in Japanese?

I've no idea!

It makes a sound in Japanese because in that language, punctuation is spoken. Dota dota dota dota dota. (In Japanese, a syllable can't end with a consonant, so the "a" gets added.)

I knew the rule about ending in a consonant (with the exception of 'n'), but I hadn't realised the one about pronouncing punctuation. It can't apply to all punctuation, though, so I wonder which things get spoken?

I think part of the charm of it lies in the variation in intonation.

I don't know a lot about Japanese. I learned about this Google Translate thing from a translation blog. We pass around a lot of jokes about language. But I know that this is why the translation makes that sound.

I don't know why there's an intonation. It might be being interpreted as an ellipse -- that's my guess.

(Deleted comment)
Ooh, thank you! A brave new world is opening up here...

(Deleted comment)
I feel Beckett would have loved Google Translate, too.