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Pictures of an Exposition
I've just been sent a few pics of my Taiwan talks. I'm particularly happy with this one of me and my young friends...

Group Picture-3

Note riffling at the keynote:

4 Keynote Speech-3

Homing in remorsessly on a metaphor:
4 Keynote Speech-1

Expatiating on the glories of Margaret Mahy earlier in the week:

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I love it when people talk about Margaret Mahy. She's one of the writers I wish I could be (but am most definitely not).

I'll be co-editing a special issue of The Lion and the Unicorn on her later this year. Watch this space.

I shall. If there's an open call for contributors, I might be tempted to wave my hand (I have thoughts on a couple of her books, of course I do). If there isn't I shall simply read the edition with gusto.

Love that top photo!

How nice to have a face to go with the written voice. (Waves at you...)

That group photo with all the bunny ears! So Taiwan. ✌ ✌ ✌

There's a bunny-ear character!? How did I not know this?

Can I be five years old in your direction? Really? Are you sure? Okay!

This is my favorite Unicode character:

I suppose it was inevitable! No doubt "U+1F4A9" is a leet-speak insult.


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