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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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St Peter's at the Checkout, and There Ain't no Two-for-One
More adventures in queuing. This time I was with my daughter in Sainsbury's. The queue was short, but she urged me to one that was still shorter. I demurred, since we still had five minutes to kill before we could pick up the passport photographs that were being prepared in the shop next door. "Anyway," I said, "I don't mind queuing. I quite like it."

"Ah, how British!" remarked the (English) woman ahead of me.

"We're all just queuing for the grave in the long run," I added, warming to the part.

"I should invite you to my party this evening!" she said gaily. "You'd liven the place up."

I thought of extending the metaphor on the lines indicated above, but before I could gather my wits the conveyor belt moved on, and we with it, to our final accounting.

Hilarious. Especially this (inadvertent? an Americanism, anyhow) metaphor: "extending the metaphor on the lines indicated above."

I must admit that was inadvertent. Perhaps I have a transatlantic subconscious.

This reminds me a little of my dad - sometimes if you asked after his health, he'd respond, "There's nothing wrong with me that death won't cure."

Also, happy birthday! (It didn't seem quite right to include this with the last comment. :-))

Thank you! I've had a quiet one this year - the last one was a biggie - and very nice too.

:) Mine was fond of "Life is hard, but it's good practice." A German proverb, he assured me.

Happy Birthday!


Belated - Happy Birthday.

Thank you - I still have a few minutes left of it!

Inspired by anno domini? Happy birthday, anyway!

It doesn't take much to get my mind running on those lugubrious tracks, but no doubt a Burns Night Supper was somewhere in my thoughts, as hosted by Old Nick himself...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! :)

Happy birthday!

Thank you!

How good to know that yesterday (today by grace of not sleeping yet) was your birthday; it is/was my half birthday, so a day I can remember rather more things about than most.

I hope you enjoyed your 1/2 birthday too!

Belated birthday wishes! Quiet birthdays are sometimes the best kind. I hope you managed to indulge in a little treat of some kind.

Thank you. Yes, Belgian chocolates had a memorable cameo role.

Much belated happy birthday!

May this year astonish and delight.


Thank you! I shall try to chivvy it in that direction.