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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Fine-tuning the Moral Compass
Three years ago I wrote in defence of Christopher Jefferies, a man accused of a murder he did not commit, who subsequently extracted grovelling apologies and (I hope) substantial damages from the newpapers who'd libelled him.

Today I found myself standing in front of him in the queue at a local coffee shop. I wouldn't have recognized him, except that while I was standing there he was accosted by a woman who introduced herself and asked to talk. And then - after all I'd done for him! - he had the nerve to agree and send her on into the shop to bagsy the only remaining table, leaving me to mark essays awkwardly on a bar stool like some caffeined-up Bob Cratchit.

Murder is one thing, but queue-jumping (even by proxy) is heinous indeed.

Hee! Surely not a jury in the land would have convicted you...

At least you didn't have to try to get to the coal box to stay warm! :o)

Hanging's too good for him, I say.

Or, one of several reasons I would never do my work at a coffee shop. I don't understand why people want to do that.

And you didn't speak up because? (Not about the defense but about the total rudeness)

Yeah, and female reticence too. Understood.

Sounds like a really egregious, and baroque, version of the Chat and cut.

It did seem slightly opportunistic.

I would have given the fellow a loud cough as to hint at his minor misdemeanor.

I'm catching up with your blog, and thanks for this! It brightened up an otherwise wearisome Friday!!

My pleasure!