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You'd have to be a Mermaid to Stay in your Hotel Room

I spent the day running (with a colleague) a session on "The Golden Age of Children's Literature" at the Arnolfini centre by the harbour. It was good: some very interesting and knowledgeable people turned up, and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. But part of me wished I'd been outside. Just beyond the window Bristol harbour was serene (it's pictured below at around 9.30, when it was also pristine). As the day drew on and we read from books about the joys of messing about in boats, outside the harbour filled enticingly with sails, pleasure ferries, strummed music, and the sound of distant merriment, as of adult frolickers in an outsize paddling pool. Windless, winter sun streamed over all, reflecting ripples onto the wall of the room so that we too seemed to be half-aquatic.


On the next such day, I will return unencumbered and undutied! Having said which, I have just picked up my first batch of January exams for marking...

Meanwhile, my thoughts on social media addiction are to found over at ABBA today.

Oh, and here's The Mermaid's Hotel. I'm a sucker for theremins.
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