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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Drake under his Hummock
On the BBC 6 O'clock News last night, Nick Robinson referred to Portsmouth as being in the southwest of England, which shows... an interesting grasp of geography. (Perhaps he was confusing it with Plymouth?) Today, as yesterday, the end of 500 years of shipbuilding there is being reported on the BBC website's Scottish section. The inset video clips feature two people from Glasgow plus the Defence Secretary, with a Portsmouth MP being tucked in right at the bottom. The fact that jobs will also be lost at Filton (a couple of miles from my house) goes virtually unmentioned.

The working class of the south of England are indeed invisible from Westminster.

They always were.

They only caught up with the fact that there were coalpits and colliers in Kent (my grandfathers for two) when Thatcher decided to destroy the industry

When I lived in Kingswood (south Gloucestershire, on the edge of Bristol) I was surrounded by old pits.

Or anywhere in the UK, indeed. And the middle classes too, unless they're in marginal seats and kicking up a fuss. We only exist for our overlords convenience donchaknow. *steady on lass, steady on, breathe deep*

What's baffling me is that the BBC is portraying this as some sort of victory for Glasgow, when they are actually losing 830-odd jobs too.

They don't remember Cornwall much either :-(

I once encountered a young woman who thought that the term "the West Country" referred to what I would call the west Midlands, although she was English and I am not.