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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Pitching for a Series
Thanks for all your advice about which box set to ask for come Christmas. Finding myself by HMV today I looked in, but their choice of box sets was limited. Of the ones that were mentioned before I could see only Dexter (the hero of which is described on the box as "Everyone's favourite serial killer") and Breaking Bad (the hero of which is apparently everyone's favourite crystal meth dealer).

I'm still in two minds about what to ask for, but in the meantime it gives me an idea for a series of my own, about everyone's favourite necrophiliac. At first, considering the popularity of one-word titles, I thought of calling it simply "Boner" - but that might cause confusion with a well-known forensic series, so for now it's "I Spurt on Your Grave".

Either way, don't worry - he'll have moral complexity coming out of his ears.

Sorry, but it's already been done. It was called Jim'll Fix It.

Serendipity took me to the comments page on Amazon for Jimmy Savile's authorized biography - How's About that Then? - the other day. It had the misfortune of being published just before the revelations came out. It's fascinating to read the five-star reviews in chronological order.

It's a whole different kind of splatter analysis.

That's exactly the kind of quip my show will be full of!


But wouldn't that be dead boring?