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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Snapped from Under my Umbrella
I think this poster in the window of Gregg's deserves some kind of prize for the tin-eared desperation of its attempt to climb aboard the Halloween bandwagon.


I fall over laughing.

I don't like the way it's looking at me!

Be bold, be bold, but not too bold . . .

... lest that your pasty should grow cold!

Possibly the image of three chili peppers in the lower right corner serves as something of an explanation of what otherwise looks like a non sequitur.

I'm sure that's right, but apart from the word "Madras" - which is mostly notable for its incongruence with Halloween - there's no hint in the wording of the poster that the kind of daring required involves the Scoville scale.