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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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An Allegory on the Banks of the Withywindle
For those who are interested, there was a programme on Tolkien and religion on the radio this afternoon. It was frustrating in places - I've never heard Ronald Hutton get so close to losing his patience as he did with Joseph Pearce - but worth it if only to hear Robert Hardy recalling Tolkien doing a Henry Higgins act in the Lamb and Flag.
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Hutton was the epitome of tact I thought. Nice to hear a different take on Tolkien - I enjoyed all the contributions for that very reason.

Hutton is never less than polite and tactful.

Quite - I like to believe JRR would have enjoyed his company. Down at the old Lamb & Flag?

Thanks for the heads-up. Very odd programme!

I nodded off partway through - not really the show's fault - but I feel disinclined to go back and paw through the part I heard in search of the part I didn't. It's largely the interviewer's irritating tendency to treat his guests like students to whom he's posing questions during a lecture to see if they've done the reading.

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