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Four Things Make a Jam

My brother, en route from Brighton to Wales for a few days, picked my mother up at her home and dropped her off here. She'll be staying till Monday - a rare foray, and of course I'm doing my best to make this house into a replica of her own. Unfortunately, tomorrow is forecast to be a day of rain and gales, so our plan to visit Cheddar Gorge may have to be put on hold, but we can always stay in and do a crossword.

I mention this only because their car was delayed on the M4 due to a tailback caused by four different groups converging on Bath, which is playing host simultaneously to:

* a University open day
* a rugby match between Bath and Leicester
* a Jane Austen festival
* a re-enactment of the Battle of Gettysburg

I've been happy ever since, imagining the road rage possibilities.

In unrelated news, yesterday I passed the halfway mark in my kanji book: just 1,100 to go. Also - cultural factoid - apparently in Japan one travels "up" to Tokyo and "down" when travelling out of Tokyo, irrespective of direction or altitude. It's a usage old-fashioned people also apply to London. I wonder if this happens with other capitals?
Tags: nippon notes, real life
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