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"Every Good Scout Should Read these Stirring Books"
I woke from a long and rambling dream about books (a graphic novel of Eight Days of Luke featured prominently) with the momentary belief that The Red Badge of Courage was just the first in Stephen Crane's "Rainbow Virtues" series, and that following its success he was encouraged by his publisher to write The Brown Badge of Good Fellowship, The Green Badge of Generosity, etc. - all with an endorsement on the cover from Lord Baden-Powell.

If only publishers had employed marketing departments in those benighted days!

Oh how funny. Wonderful dream.

Why don't I have dreams like this? :)

Heh. Last night I dreamed we took a jaunt down to Washington, DC to meet up with you, during another of your visits to the States, and got roped into helping you refuel your rented lorry -- something to do with someone else moving, I think, but I'm a little vague about this. There were also large green dragonflies involved.


The dragonflies sound cool - though you're unlikely to find me refuelling a rented lorry, at least on this side of the Nod border.

It was dodgy lorry, at that -- business logo of the previous owner barely scraped off.

MAD Magazine paid a visit to an imaginary publishing marketing department in the 1960s, where they found the denizens had persuaded Truman Capote to write a series of sequels to In Cold Blood:

In Colder Blood
In Coldest Blood
In Blood So Cold You Could Plotz

Now you've put the idea out there, the steampunkers will write the Rainbow Virtues series, with Baden-Powell introduction. Only two of the writers will actually have read Crane...


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