steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Bleary in Bristol

I fell asleep reading a book about Japanese grammar, and dreamed that I was at school and late for German class - a class that my own daughter was also attending (though a little embarrassed to be seen associating with me). Also present was someone known only as Trolley - who I realised even in my dream must actually be Sir Walter Ralegh, since Wat Ralegh (pron. Rawley) --> 'Trawley --> Trolley. Why pay psychoanalysts to unpick the kind of verbal legerdemain that you can decode in your sleep?

The thrills of conjugating Japanese adjectives aside - though they truly are awesome, that's no jest - I put this dream down to my being about to go to York for a couple of days to visit my old doctoral supervisor and his wife. He's the man who commissioned me to write an article on "Colin Clouts Come Home Againe" recently - Spenser's poem about travelling to England with Ralegh. Not only that, soon after I left his care he and his family went to Japan for a year, whence they returned much impressed with the culture. All roads lead to Whipmawhopmagate (by way of Kyoto).

Moral: I must buy an omiyage.
Tags: nippon notes, real life, what does it all mean?
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