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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Bleary in Bristol
I fell asleep reading a book about Japanese grammar, and dreamed that I was at school and late for German class - a class that my own daughter was also attending (though a little embarrassed to be seen associating with me). Also present was someone known only as Trolley - who I realised even in my dream must actually be Sir Walter Ralegh, since Wat Ralegh (pron. Rawley) --> 'Trawley --> Trolley. Why pay psychoanalysts to unpick the kind of verbal legerdemain that you can decode in your sleep?

The thrills of conjugating Japanese adjectives aside - though they truly are awesome, that's no jest - I put this dream down to my being about to go to York for a couple of days to visit my old doctoral supervisor and his wife. He's the man who commissioned me to write an article on "Colin Clouts Come Home Againe" recently - Spenser's poem about travelling to England with Ralegh. Not only that, soon after I left his care he and his family went to Japan for a year, whence they returned much impressed with the culture. All roads lead to Whipmawhopmagate (by way of Kyoto).

Moral: I must buy an omiyage.

My friends told me before I visited them that the best omiyage is high grade Australian beef, grain fed, with marbling. Now you know. Mind you, that was 25 years ago. And when I got to Japan, people gave exquisitely wrapped musk melons.

I'm thinking that some Bristol blue glass might be appropriate.

It looks delicious. That is the equivalent of edible, I think.

There is a logic to dreams, just not daylight logic. Now I am imagining Walter Ralegh X-over with Thomas the Tank Engine. Someone should write it..

He could circumnavigate Sodor, I suppose?

Adjective conjugations are indeed awesome. So is the fact that there are, in effect, four classes of adverbs. Who fortunately do not decline (but some are adjectival declensions).


I'm looking forward to those mysteries. I bought a grammar yesterday, and every page yields new treasures!

The mysteries will continue to evolve from an ever-spiraling source.