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Next Stop, the Leper's Bell

Earlier today I started and then abandoned a post that was to have formed a kind of pair to this one from a few days ago about the marriage laws for trans people, and how non-disclosure of one's trans status is (uniquely in British law) seen as grounds for annulment.

Today I had been going to write about the recent decision by the Court of Appeal which has determined (short version) that the penalty for sex without disclosure outside marriage is for the trans person to be sent to prison. (Vide, by the way, my post from several years ago where the possibility of this development was mooted.) In the end, I found the whole thing too depressing to write about - so I'm glad to be able to point you instead to Cheryl Morgan's blog, where she has done a very good job. Do read it. This is a situation that is going to affect far more people than the annulment issue - and many of them will be very young, in vulnerable situations where they have excellent reasons not to tell everyone they meet about their medical history. But this, it seems, is now a criminal offence.

Normally, I write about things like this on the assumption that those who have the power to do something about it are basically people of goodwill who are open to argument and to the possibility that there may be relevant aspects of the situation that they hadn't considered. In this post and the last I feel more depressed, because it's increasingly clear that those in power know exactly what they're doing, its implications and likely effects, but are doing it anyway. The only question is whether they're motivated more by callous indifference or by active malice - but that's like debating how many pricks can dance on the head of an angel.
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