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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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My small but perfectly formed Readercon schedule
Actually, not that perfectly formed, as I can't imagine many people are in the mood for a reading at 9.30 on a Saturday. But if anyone is, I expect they'll be at Readercon.

Saturday July 13
9:30 AM VT Reading: Cathy Butler. Cathy Butler. Cathy Butler reads "A Dog Is for Life", forthcoming in the collection Twisted Winter.

11:00 AM F A Visit from the "Suck Fairy": Enjoying Problematic Works. John Benson, Cathy Butler, Barbara Krasnoff (leader), Yoon Ha Lee, Adrienne Martini, Kate Nepveu. Encountering problematic elements within fictional works isn't uncommon. As readers develop awareness of racism, sexism, homophobia, and ableism—development that occurs on both a personal and a cultural level—they may be appalled to stumble across bigotry in childhood favorites or long-lauded classics, or struggle to appreciate a book that everyone around them is enjoying. Can you still love a work after you've seen something horrible within it, or does continuing to enjoy it mean tacitly approving of not only that specific work but problematic works in general? How can we make room for complex reactions in conversations among critics and readers?

Sunday July 14
10:00 AM RI Gender and Power in Literature and Life. E.C. Ambrose, Cathy Butler, Eileen Gunn, Rose Lemberg, Daniel José Older (leader), Sabrina Vourvoulias. This workshop, led by Daniel José Older, is a critical look at different ways that gender and power shape our realities and experiences of the world. With examples from the writing process and fantastical literature in particular, we will deconstruct dynamics of power and privilege on the gender spectrum.
Saturday July 13

One has to wonder whether your name needs repeating three times in succession for the 9.30 slot. Maybe they think no-one will be awake to notice? ;-)

:) It seems I have become a football chant.

Those sound really interesting. have a good time!

Thank you!

So looking forward to seeing you!


I'm getting quite excited now!

But if anyone is, I expect they'll be at Readercon.

And looking forward to seeing you!

It's mutual!