steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

It's just become April 23rd, which means...

... it’s pixel-stained technopeasant time! To this marriage of words and impecuniousness I have brought something old and something new.

First, the new: my submission for Scholastic’s forthcoming NSPCC charity book, made up of 366 stories each of exactly 366 words. I’m not sure why Scholastic didn’t take it (maybe they thought existential angst wouldn’t appeal to seven-year-olds?), but their loss is Livejournal's gain:


The old is represented by the opening pages of my second published novel, Timon’s Tide - now celebrating its tenth birthday quietly with a few friends. Appropriately, it’s a spring piece, of the April-is-the-cruellest-month variety:

Timon’s Tide

I hope you like them.
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