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School Bell

I paused halfway through Whisper of the Heart because I was getting tired and have to be up fairly early tomorrow for an awayday (albeit one in Bristol). I'm enjoying the film so far, even if I keep rewinding bits of dialogue for Japanese-learning purposes. Of course I catch only the odd word or phrase, but it's still rather exciting - like dabbing one of those children's magic painting books with a damp brush and seeing the colours emerge. I do feel a little guilty about clomping hobnailed through the delicate moss garden of Ghibli's own magic, but I will be watching again and will make it up.

I'm really posting just to note the strange fact that all Japanese schools - or at least all the ones I've seen in cartoons, and that's getting to be a fair few now - use the same sound for signalling the start of a lesson, and (what is stranger) that that sound is the Westminster chimes. It gives me a frisson of cultural dissonance every time I hear them.
Tags: nippon notes, real life
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