steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Blurbs that never were

Okay, I admit it's hard to see it holding the stage at the Globe, but one can dream.

The Tragedy of Claudius, Prince of Denmark

Since raw youth hath young Claudius been mocked full sore by his contumelious elder brother, the Prince Hamlet, for his honest love of Rhenish and his "Handles of Cupid". He hath borne all patiently, even the loss of his true love Gertrude (“I take her from you merely for that I can, Claudikins”). Once crowned King, Hamlet maketh his brother the butt of all the court, and feedeth jests to Yorick at all occasions. Even Claudius’ nephew, the king’s son, is taught to lisp: “Behold the lardy prince!”

At the last, visiting an apothecary for a cure against the gout, Claudius spieth a bottle with the words “Ear Poison.” Might this be the answer to his orisons...?
Tags: books, hamlet
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