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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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"To Kill a King" - Alan Garner
There's some as likes to dig up dead kings in car parks; and then there's them as likes to dust them down in archives. Garner's episode of Leap in the Dark sees the light after 33 years:

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And it's clearly all shot in Garner's house.

http://www.hha.org.uk/Property/2573/The-Old-Medicine-House says it's not Garner's own house, Toad Hall, but the property alongside.

Well, yes and no - the Medicine House is Garner's as well, or was in 1980, before he gave it to the Trust he and his wife set up. A bit more on it here.

Right (and I didn't mean to set up for teaching my grandmother). I just meant it wasn't the house that I was thinking of when you said "Garner's own house."

Interesting seeing it through modern eyes. I was sure he was on the telephone at first, which would have been a possible interpretation in 1980 as well, but even after I saw he wasn't holding a phone the illusion went on (no, sorry, he does not have a Bluetooth earpiece either...).

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