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Today, to assuage my melancholy or perhaps to indulge it, I took a slight detour on the way home from my mother's house in order to visit the wood in Otterbourne where we scattered my father's ashes in 2005. The land belongs to the Woodland Trust, and when he died I gave them some money in his memory - enough to care for an acre there in perpetuity. I'd not been for couple of years, though, and never in May. It's a pleasant spot, where the blackbird's song mingles with the not-so-distant rumble of the M3, and where Charlotte Yonge no doubt walked arm in arm with John Keble many and many a day. (Now they lie in neighbourly repose in nearby Otterbourne churchyard.)

Anyway, when I found the right glade I discovered - much to my surprise - that my father had turned into a bluebell wood!

Bluebells in OtterbourneP100513_13.31

And they say I've changed.


Such a beautiful woodland scene.

Yes - it was what I needed.

You father makes a very handsome flower.

He does - and it sorts well with the blueness of his eyes.

Lovely bluebells :o)

And yes you've changed- you've turned into you! :o)

I am, as ever, a work in progress. :)


Also, Vanzetti, the night before his execution, swallowed an olive pit, in hopes that the tree of peace would grow from his grave. I always loved that. No one says whether it did.

That's stylish. I'm sure I read about things like that in Ripley, though not perhaps with Vanzetti.

The happenstance of S's!

I like to think that they made the vandals happy, at least.

How lovely! I see that metamorphoses run in the family.


It seems that way!

It's been an amazing year for bluebells in Seattle as well. I mean, we always have them, they're almost a weed, but for some reason (possibly I'm imagining it) there seem to be about twice as many as usual. Ours may be a different variety, but they give very much the same effect.

I don't know whether there are more than usual this year, as I don't normally visit this wood in May, but it was a lovely and restorative surprise.

That's a nice result!


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