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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

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Don't it Make my Brown Eyes Blue?
I've a feeling I may have posted on this subject before - but maybe that was just in my head, where the Voices keep up a lively debate on all the trivia of the day...

When I was small, I knew that I had brown eyes. Certainly that's what was said in my family. My mother and I were left-handed and brown-eyed, my father and brother were right-handed and blue-eyed. That kind of symmetry appealed at the time. All the same, I assume I occasionally thought to carry out an empirical cross-check and look in the mirror, and nothing I saw there made me question the received opinion. I think it wasn't until I was at college that someone who had taken to staring into my eyes a lot happened to mention that they were actually hazel-green. Looking more closely, I saw that they were indeed - although there was also some dark brown there still, and even a fleck or two of blue, and yellow, and slate-grey.

Ever since then, I've not known what colour my eyes are. If I had to fill in a tick-box form describing them, I simply would not know what to say.

As an experiment, I just took three pictures of my left eye, about a minute apart: under artificial light, in bright sunlight, and indoors in natural light.

Eye 1
Eye 2
Eye 3

How would you describe this eye, in terms of colour? (Its fellow is similar.) I thought of doing this as a poll, but I don't want to make this into a leading question.


It's hard to tell because internet pictures, but from the middle one especially, I expect they're a bit ilke mine. My driving license lists them as 'green', which they mostly are, and that's usually what I tell people, but they're technically a kind of chameleon hazel: green, with a gold ring around the iris (I see that!) but with a habit of changing visible colour depending on the season, the light, and what colour I'm wearing. Maybe we should call them Mary Sue eyes?

That all sounds familiar! I wonder if it's a red-headed thing? Not that I'm red-headed myself - mostly - but my father was.

Clearly it is an Awesome Left-Handed Genius thing. ;)

My mother and her mother had brown eyes. Her father had blue-grey. My Dad's are brown. Mine are green or green grey (I tend to describe them as duck pond green). I share this one with just one cousin. And the colour changes depending on what I wear (green turns them greyer, purple highlights the green, as does red).

Sort Of Hazelly, AKA Messes With Iridologists. (Mine are Sort Of Bluey.)

Iridologists - new word to me, and a new idea too.

Truly of tosh there is no end!

They look like they're probably the same colour as mine - green with a gold ring at the centre, more hazel in some light than others. Or maybe yours are hazel - it's hard to be sure, based on these pics.


Hazel. Could it be this? (Doesn't sound like a problem, if so.)

I don't think it's that. I don't seem to have a pale ring around my iris.

In the middle photo you appear to have the same colour eyes as my husband while the bottom photo shows them as very similar to my eyes.

I'm sure I started life with blue eyes, like my parents, but at some point during or shortly after junior school, they turned greeney-hazel. I seem to recall that hazel is a recessive gene, which is how the colour can crop up in the child of blue-eyed parents.

Your photos look pretty similar to mine, I'd say.

1. Brown.

2. Hazel.

3. Blue-gray? That one's hard to describe.

"Hazel" was my first response, and going by Wikipedia that seems about right. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eye_color#Hazel

Thanks for the link, and you're probably right. (I see that 'definitions of the color hazel vary', which is handy.)

My eyes are the same. Blue in some lights and waring some colours, green in others, but basically hazel. I claim blue or green (and sometimes grey, when I feel they're looking that way) when I feel like it (for they are both) but really, my eyes are mixed colours, which is what hazel mostly is.

I'm learning only now that hazel is a kind of miscellaneous pick and mix.