steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

How did Max's supper get into his room?

Sometimes I have to plump up books like pillows, until they're the right shape for my brain.

If, indeed, the trip to the land of the Wild Things was all in Max's head (as adult critics would have you believe), then his mother must have come up with his supper at some point and placed it on the table. But then, how did Max not notice this and break from his reverie? Was he in some kind of catatonic state? If so, how did his mother not notice that and call an ambulance? Surely she'd have been expecting some response from her naughty son, not just a blank stare? It makes no sense.

Or maybe - and this is my belief - the critics are wrong, and the bedroom really did turn into a forest. Maybe Max was indeed away for over a year. And maybe, like Mrs Darling leaving the window open, his penitent parent brought a hot supper to his room each evening, in the hope that it might lure him back.

Until, one day, it did.
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