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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Lucy Meadows
the truth

I won't link to the various places where the monstering of Lucy Meadows took place three months ago, devastating the life of this devoted teacher and, perhaps, ending it; nor to the places where it is happening right now, as the same prurient rags continue to misname, misgender and humiliate their victim in death - but no doubt you can work out which stones to look under.

I will however link to this interview with David Allen Green [25:20 minutes in], who's a good deal calmer and more articulate than I feel able to be at the moment.


We need to look after each other at the moment, because no one in authority is going to.

I wish there was recourse for this kind of scumbaggery.

I guess the only thing to do is raise our children right.

There may be more direct means of recourse in the future - that's under active discussion here at the moment - but ultimately, yes, you're right. As David Allen Green says, it's a cultural shift that's needed - and Littlejohn wouldn't be pocketing his blood-soaked £1 million per annum if people didn't buy his stuff. But that kind of change takes decades, and people are dying now.

"people are dying now"--that's exactly what makes me wish, hard, for recourse. Nothing is going to help Lucy, poor soul, but I would love to see the sleazebags who monstered her all last year do hard time.

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Re: Keir Starmer QC

Alas, trans people are excluded from hate crimes legislation anyway...

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Re: Keir Starmer QC

Harriet Harman (who oversaw the Equality Act) was not keen on trans people.

Re: Keir Starmer QC

So many prominent feminists seem to have it in for trans people - a sort of "you can't play in our sandpit" attitude. Very sad.