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Being naturally cautious, I feel I ought to listen to my daimon when it urges me, as it occasionally does, to take a bold or uncharacteristic step. Nevertheless, I may live to regret this one...

26th March will be the second anniversary of Diana Wynne Jones's death, which took place at St Peter's Hospice in Bristol. Accordingly, I'm marking the event by taking part in a sponsored firewalk in Millennium Square, here in Bristol, with the money going to St Peter's. It involves walking barefoot along a 4-5m pathway of red-hot coals. Somewhat on these lines...


The event takes place on 22nd March, and the Burning Time is 7.15pm. If you would like to sponsor me to send money to a very good cause in DWJ's name, my donation page is here. Any amount, large or small, will be very welcome. My blisters will weep with gratitude.
Tags: diana wynne jones, real life
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