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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Philately will Get you Nowhere
I've never been a stamp collector, and I'm not sure the new Jane Austen set would persuade me to take it up. But Margaret Mahy? What's not to like? Who wouldn't want a Changeover stamp (even at NZ$2.90) to commemorate the stamp-wielding Laura Chant, or a Word Witch stamp (a snip at NZ$1.90) by which to remember Mahy herself - who in her capacity as librarian was also a dab-handed stamper?

I wish they'd do a DWJ set, though.

Since I'm not a stamp collector either, but I do occasionally like pretty stamps and wonder what to do with them, on a couple occasions when the USPS has honored favorite writers (Steinbeck and Ogden Nash, an odd pairing, but I'm sticking with them), I've taken a single copy of the stamp and pasted it on the title page of a good copy of one of the author's best works.

That's a neat idea. I may follow suit.

Shouldn't there be a Tricksters stamp for our Christmas cards?

Ooh, that would be great!

Oh my goodness, Margaret Mahy stamps! I live with a New Zealander and we're both Mahy devotees...

Gollys Mrs Durrells, you shouldn'ts calls him thats!