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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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At Home with Sakura
A rather lazy weekend, spent mostly (barring a brief foray to collect a bicycle from the very generous wellinghall and adaese) rewatching Cardcaptor Sakura on DVD with my daughter. We're not quite finished yet, partly because we've stopped once or twice to view the American dub of the same episode (under the title Cardcaptors). The two make for an interesting contrast. The US version is notably more "boy-oriented", from the change in title, implicitly putting Li on an equality with Sakura, to the thumping and portentous lyrics of the theme tune (the Japanese is, as seems to be conventional, a tangential song about dreams, love and flowers). All hints at same-sex attraction in the original, of which there are many, have been pretty much erased, and the voices are generally far more ebullient and assertive (in the case of Sakura and her friends) and just plain lower for most of the male characters.

The US version is not without its charm, but it's not I what watch anime for - and of course it lacks the occasional dubious translation that enlivens the watching of dodgy Japanese DVDs...


My daughter's very sharp in her analysis, but bemoans that she'll never be asked to do it as homework. Maybe if she takes Film Studies, that could change?

You are very welcome.

We used to have an anime course, but the person who taught it didn't get tenure. I teach a little anime when I teach film, mainly by way of form, though (since that's what the course is about), in particular the cinematographic effects of superplanarity (as it's called).

Superplanarity - what that? We spent quite a long time talking about why people's noses disappear when they're embarrassed...

Tell your daughter from me that in college I wrote well-received papers on anime in courses I took for English, art history, architecture, architectural history, and (I am still proud of this) classical studies. In all cases the professor didn't know much about anime but was willing to go there with me; only the architecture course was actually Japan-centered in its focus.

That's reassuring! I hope they're as receptive at my daughter's college, wherever that may turn out to be.