steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Automated Impertinence

My printer has for some time been refusing to scan pictures (apparently it's not its job), but recently it also started chewing up my words of wisdom, so I've reluctantly replaced it. So far the new model works fine, but when filling in the inevitable online customer survey I was confronted by the following question:

How comfortable are you with new technology?

    • I like to be up-to-date and own the latest technology

    • Technology is moving so fast that I don't even bother to try and keep up

    • Someone needs to show me how to operate new technology before I am able to use it

Here is a writer who cannot conceive of someone who is comfortable with new technology yet does not feel compelled to buy the latest model of everything, money no object. Apparently the only imaginable reasons for not filling the house with shiny gizmos are a) laziness, or b) incompetence.

Whether this says anything very profound about consumer culture I'm not sure, but it certainly made me feel less charitable towards Epson.
Tags: real life
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