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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Cover Versions
First we had the whitewashing of YA covers, and now the blonding of Anne of Green Gables! (As for what they've done to Plath, Woolf, Gilman, etc., it's probably best to look away.)

I can only quote the blog itself: SHE HAD RED FUCKING HAIR. That was why I read Anne in the first place, because there are not that many of us. (There are a lot more now, of course, but at the time heroines were mostly blonde. I know it's nothing close to what readers who aren't white have to deal with in hunting for books with characters that might look like them, but gives me an idea, anyway.)

I can only assume that's meant to be Diana. With a modern shirt.


Diana had black curly hair, though, in the books.

As for Anne as a blonde: ::head-desk:: ::head-desk:: ::head-desk::

How's that for a brain fart. I meant the other blonde character, of course.


No, no, it's obviously Ruby Gillis, who was blonde and plump (this model is at least round-faced) and conventionally attractive.

Er, right. HER. The one whose name I keep mixing up.


Thanks for the link to the Whitewashing page - I spent a good half-hour following the links there. The red sari stuff is particularly powerful/depressing.

As for Blonde Anne, it's just plain ridiculous. The green hair incident is the bit I remember most vividly - and it is, of course, specifically because she is a red-head.

I rather feel the presentation of Virginia Woolf as chicklit is the funniest, mind you.