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Probably the Least Important Aspect of this Debate, but...

My eyes rather glazed over before I reached the comments of this New Statesman article on privilege checking. I've ridden this particular carousel more than a few times right here on LJ, and seen more interesting views too.

But it reminded me that I've always had a strange linguistic niggle about the phrase "check your privilege". Does it mean "check" as in "check your pulse", or "check" as in "check your coat"? In other words, is it "Be aware of your privilege", or "Leave your privilege at the door"? I suspect the former, but I can never quite cast off the ghostly presence of the latter sense. How do you read it?

Poll #1885786 Checks and Strings

Does "check" in "Check your privilege" mean

"Check" as in "check your pulse"
"Check" as in "check your coat"
Some other sense of "check", which I shall explain in a comment
Tags: language, maunderings
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