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The Devil's Dictionary: Birmingham Edition

Bloated public sector [adj.]: a term justifying the dismissal of nurses, teachers, policemen, soldiers, careworkers, etc., while implying that only high-paid civil servants are in danger.

Clobber [verb]: the effect of proposed taxes on the extremely wealthy. Usage note: This verb is not applicable to lower income groups. When they have their wages cut or their benefits removed, they are merely being stripped of an unfair advantage.

Disproportionate force [noun phrase]: See proportionate force.

Proportionate force [noun phrase]: See disproportionate force.

Rebalance the economy [verb phrase]: a) to achieve a better balance of payments; b) to reduce the dominance of the financial services sector and increase manufacturing; c) to cut wages and make public sector workers redundant. Usage note: In practice this phrase is now generally used to mean c), but it retains the virtuous associations of a) and b).

The Editors are always grateful for new definitions.
Tags: current affairs, language
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